About tool

Tempaste is a website that allows you to create your own individual web page. You can include a mixture of links, images, embeds or switch to syntax highlighted code. Tempaste is unique in that you can choose to either write in text or code. It allows you to edit the font of your post and has all the tools you would expect to find in a MS Word document, that also allows embeds.

Tempaste has a syntax highlighting code editor, a key feature, which supports over 150 languages, including Python, PHP and JavaScript. You can sign up and log in with your own account where you can edit your own paste's and update your information on your personal Dashboard.

Tempaste allows you to have pastes for up to a year, before they expire, giving you the option of how long you want it available for. If you want your paste to be available for longer than a year, or the previously selected duration, you can use the quick clone system to extend the paste's lifespan.

You can use an application programming interface (API) to create pastes through your own app, making it easily accessible. You have the option to make your paste public, private or password protected. Once your pastes are live, if they are public, they will go onto the ‘Recent Pastes' page, where a contact system allows visitors to contact you directly, making this a great place to share your desired content.

What Can Tempaste be Used For?

Tempaste can be used for personal or business requirements. You can use it to share content with friends and link it to your Facebook or Twitter account, allowing you to share the post how you wish. You can also copy the URL and send it via Email or through other sharing platforms.

If you want to make something available for a short period of time, this is the best website to use, as you can set the expiry of your paste to whatever you would like. It can be available from as little as 1 minute all the way up to 1 year.

You can send snippets of code, by copying your personal URL, to one or more people, in the knowledge that the page will be removed in a short period of time. You can create a temporary directory of links that you can keep alive by using the cloning system. Or if you change your mind you can allow it to expire. If you're looking for a program to only show little snippets of information with others this is the website for you.

Tempaste also offers you to post pastes anonymously, without creating an account, which can still be viewed on the public pastes. However with an account log in you have access to far more features. If you see a page that you like you can clone it and reset the expiry time on it, keeping it going for as long as you would like. With all these available features, why would you not use Tempaste.