How does Tempaste compare to other pasting websites?

When you are looking for a pasting website that allows you to create your own individual web page, there are quite a few to choose from, all offering slightly different features. So it's best to explore the functions the websites have to offer and what suits your needs.

The Alternatives

Ghostbin offers no features at all, just the function to make a paste with your own content, which if you just want plain text does the job. Pastelink offers what Ghostbin does, though on top of that you have a few extra setting options, including if you want the paste to be public or private. Make sure you save the URL somewhere, as these websites do not have an option for an account, so you will lose your paste once you go off it.

If you want to add a bit more detail to your paste, like editing your font or adding a picture, then goes that extra little step. This website has the option to sign up to an account which then gives you added features, enabling you to edit your pastes and view statistics, similar to PasteBin.

If you're looking for a website that is more geared towards pasting code then PasteBin does still stand up as a reasonable tool. Offering the added features of syntax highlighting and the length of time your paste is live for, including different exposure options. PasteBin is more geared towards those wanting to share snippets of code rather than other content.

How Tempaste Fits In

However if you are looking for a website that offers all the above features, then Tempaste is the one to go to. Offering your own account, Word editing features, syntax highlighting supporting over 150 languages, the option to add images, embeds, links, the power to select the length of time before expiry on your paste (up to 1 year) and a contact system to allow visitors to contact you directly. These are just some of the features that Tempaste has to offer.

Tempaste also has a cloning system where you can clone your own pastes to extend their life, or you can clone other users' pastes (if you just like the look of them). Tempaste has the option to link to an API so that you can use it through your own app. Currently the only other website to offer cloning and a proper API system is Pastebin.

Although Pastebin and Pastelink have direct links for you to share on Facebook and Twitter and has a copy button for the URL, Tempaste is the only website which offers all of these options on your paste page, creating an easy way to share your pastes. Making this website perfect for business or personal needs.

It seems that whatever you are looking for in a pasting website, Tempaste can provide it. Those who want to share content with their friends through social media or snippets of code with their work colleagues, Tempaste can be adapted to suit everyone. With all these available features, why would you not use Tempaste.