How to use Tempaste to earn from sharing content

Being a content collector can be a lucrative business, providing sources of content to potentially millions of people and earning money while doing so. One of the best ways to go about this is by using a service that will let you partner with them and take a share of the ad revenue that your audience generates. Let's have a look at how to get started and where Tempaste comes in as the perfect complimentary pasting site.

Setting up

Firstly, find a suitable content search engine that will let you partner with them, then set up an account and provide a way for them to send you your earnings. This'll be the start of a short journey for your audience and where you'll make your money.

Integrating Tempaste

This is where Tempaste comes in, you'll be using it as a hub for all of your search engine content. Most of these search engines require that you provide just one link – not great when you've got several to give out in a single post. Also, you'll be needing some space to give instructions and maybe a little introduction to yourself or the content itself!

You're going to want to get yourself an account on Tempaste – it's easy and free. Though if you want to be fully anonymous, you can skip this step!

After that, create a new paste with links to your first collection of content. Include the necessary information and instructions and make sure to set the expiry time to a reasonable duration – maybe 1 year would suit you best.

Now, take the link that Tempaste generated for your new paste and copy it into the search engine that you chose. That's it, you're all done!

Why Use Tempaste

You might be asking - do I really need to use Tempaste? The answer is YES – for these reasons:

  • Extra space to write
  • We've already touched on this one – but by using Tempaste as a middle platform, you'll get all the space you need to add multiple links, explaining text and descriptions.

  • Forced Expiry Times
  • This one might seem a little counter-intuitive, as it is nice when a backlog of content continues to earn you money. However, it won't be long until many of your links break and you'll start to get a reputation as a provider of broken links. It's certainly much better to keep your audience engaged with fresh content!

  • Ability to make changes
  • Some search engines will lock your content in stone once you create them, meaning you can only ever delete them or leave them as they are. But what if your links break? If you used Tempaste as a platform to host the links, you'll be able to go back and update any of them whenever you need to.

  • Trusted Destination

It won't be long before your audience starts to recognize Tempaste as a trusted site to visit, and be quicker to click through to your content.