How to use Tempaste to share your YouTube playlists

Tempaste can be used for a variety of different reasons, one of those being sharing your YouTube playlists. If you are looking to boost your views or just share the playlist with some friends, this is an easy way to do it.

Once you have created your playlist on YouTube, either with your own videos or those already on YouTube, go through your channel into the playlist. Then all you need to do is click the share button on your playlist, then copy the URL.

Simply paste the playlists URL into your paste and away you go. You can edit the paste title to steer other Tempaste users towards your paste. You can choose to put the URL in the paste title as well as the paste body, or you can add the description or name of your playlist.

On YouTube once you have clicked share, you can also choose to embed your video, which is also supported in Tempaste, if you prefer to use this option. You could also use Tempaste to bring people to your YouTube channel, by copying the URL from your page, instead of sharing individual playlists.

Try embedding a whole host of videos into a single paste!

How to use Tempaste for image sharing

You can also use Tempaste to share your images. If you want to share a personal photo with a friend or family member you can simply add it into your paste, with or without additional text, making the paste unlisted, then sharing with them individually or in your private Whatsapp or Facebook groups. This keeps the image hidden from other users but still makes it possible for you to share. You can then share the private paste by sending them your personal URL or sharing through Facebook or Twitter, which then gives you additional sharing options.

If you want to share an image that you will be using for work, you can add this into your paste, either choosing to make it public or private, and then sharing your personal URL with your work colleagues. Once you have done this once, it is then easy for your colleagues or other users to find your other public pastes, if you allow your pastes to be linked, simply by clicking on your account name.

You can use the other Tempaste users as a new network to promote your own image, or to ask for feedback on your image, whatever it may be for, if you feel you need to widen your net.

Due to the different features that Tempaste has to offer, you can choose to share your image how you please. Either making it available for a short period of time or long enough for people to go back to a while later.

Tempaste can be used to share many types of different visual content all through its powerful editor. Try using the preview option in the menu to see how your paste will look before publishing!