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How do I use this site?

Start by creating a new post on the create page, using the editor to create a brand new web page. Choose your options, press submit and you'll be taken to your newly created page. After that you can share it online, with your friends or on social media!

What can I make with the editor?

Please take a look through the editor's menu, but you'll be able to create tables, embed images and videos, create clickable links, add emojis and much more!

What happens to my paste after it expires?

The contents of the paste will be deleted forever. We'll keep a small bit of data relating to the custom url - as those can't be reused for a year after use.

I find the contents of a paste really useful, how can I stop it from expiring?

You can add another two weeks to a paste's life by cloning it. Just press the clone button from the paste and then press create at the bottom of the page.

What happens on the Recent Pastes page?

This is where you'll see every public paste that's been posted recently. Yours will show up here for everyone to see if you set your visibility to public.