Use Tempaste to fully control your privacy when pasting online

With so much being shared on the internet you want to know that your details and your content are only shared as much as you want them to be. You should be in control of this. Tempaste allows you to control the visibility of your paste, while you are at the create stage you can choose who has access to your paste.

Whether you want to make it public for anyone to see, which goes onto the 'Recent Pastes' page, along with all the other users' live public pastes. Or private or password protected for your own benefit, or for you to share to a select number of people. You can however change this one you have created the paste, if you change your mind.

If you want to make your paste public and then share the content, you can do this via a link on your paste page to Facebook or Twitter, or you can copy your personal URL to share how you please. If your paste is public this then allows other users to view your paste and clone the paste (if they like the look of it). You can also clone other users' public pastes if you want.

There is then an option for other users to contact you via a direct messaging form which goes through to your email. If you would prefer other users not to contact you this is where you would choose one of the other visibility options, so that it doesn't show up on the 'Recent Pastes' page.

In your private Dashboard (found in the top menu) you can fully control your privacy settings, including your username display. You can either use your display username (which you set when you sign up to Tempaste) or you can choose to be anonymous, keeping your identity hidden.

When pastes are made public they can be linked, so that when another user views one of your pastes, they can view your other public pastes by clicking on your username. If you would prefer not to have all of your pastes linked, this can be turned off in your privacy settings.

The other privacy setting that you can control is the contact button. You can have your email address displayed on your contact details for other users to use, as a way to contact you directly. If you feel that you would like this on your paste to help share your content then you can keep this switched on, however if you wish to remain private this can be turned off.

Many pasting websites do not have adjustable privacy settings. Lots of pasting websites do not offer an account where you are able to edit any details of your paste, or offer you limited options if you do have an account. If you want to be fully in control of how your paste is viewed and how it is shared, then Tempaste has all the features to give you that power.