Using Tempaste as a regular content collector

You're somebody that likes to share content that you've found online with people that aren't part of a group or community. But sharing links in chat boxes all the time is just so cluttered!

Let's look at a few ways in which Tempaste can help in this situation.

Collect everything together

Every time you get a link in place to send off, add it in to a single Tempaste paste. Wait until a few are ready, or maybe collect up a whole day's worth, then create the paste.

Now you just have a single link to a page containing all of your other links.

But why stop at just links? Create an entire image board by pasting them in from other sites, or a Youtube playlist by copying in the embed code. All of the content you enter will appear in the editor in the same fashion that it'll appear on the page, but if you choose File > Preview, you'll see an even cleaner version.

Share one link that updates as you post

If you're creating regularly, why share a different link each time when a single link will do? When you create an account on Tempaste, you'll get your own listing page that lists every public post that you make (or you can also disable this in the settings too!).

Now your audience can check back at any time to see what you've been posting.

Manage the posts you've created

Tempaste is one of the few pasting sites to offer a fully fledged account system that will let you take full control over your pastes. You can update your posts at any time once you're logged in, useful if you want to build out the day's worth of content you're finding as you go.

You might also want to use this tool to effectively reset any of your paste's expiry times by cloning them, creating a new paste with exactly the same content.

Allow your Audience to Contact you Directly

Just in case any of your regular audience needs to get hold of you and can't do it by another means – just add a contact button to your pastes in your account settings. They'll be able to send you a message directly from the paste page through to your email. Don't worry though – we won't expose your email to the world, the sender will only see it if you reply through your own email client.

If you don't want this as an option, you'll be able to turn it off in the settings.

To Sum Up

Tempaste is a great tool for collating content in an easy and disposable way. Add to existing posts and control your pastes en-mass, all with the knowledge that it won't be floating around the internet forever as there must always be an expiry date.

Keep your privacy intact by staying anonymous to any audience members that you don't personally know while still allowing them to contact you if they need to.