What makes Tempaste the Number One Pasting Site For Short Term Pastes

Tempaste is the perfect pasting site for any pastes that don't need to live forever. Which in reality is the majority of pastes!

100% Uptime

We've never had any significant downtime on Tempaste, meaning you can be confident that your pastes will be available 24/7.

Choose your flavour – editor, code or markdown

Tempaste offers a feature unique to all pasting sites – not only the choice of a word processor style editor, code or markdown but all three at the same time! Simply fill out each in turn before pressing submit and they'll stack on top of each other in the same order as the tabs.

The Tempaste editor has a full suite of available formatting tools at your disposal. On top of the standard text sizing and appearance, a large number of fonts are also available. While we don't support uploads, we can handle image and video embeds – just copy them into the editor. There's also some dedicated buttons for these features on the toolbar.

Code is displayed similarly to your favourite IDE, with full syntax highlighting available for over 150 languages. We'll try to auto detect which language you're using, but if we don't get it quite right, there's a drop down if it needs a correction.

The markdown box supports all markdown syntax and all extended markdown syntax as seen here: https://www.markdownguide.org/extended-syntax/ . When you publish it'll appear as a nice looking article for you to share with your friends.

API for full control of your pastes

Tempaste is one of the few pasting sites to offer an API freely to all users. Put away your browser based automation and start working with direct connections from your app or CLI.

With Tempaste, you're able to create new pastes, edit older ones, change visibility settings and delete obsolete pastes. There are generous limits for the amount of content you can produce each day and if you need more, just write us a message with your requirements.

Clean and good looking design

Tempaste stands out from the others in an important way – design! Pasting sites tend to be notoriously plain looking with text that can be hard to read. We designed Tempaste as a modern looking site which still passes over the main focus to the content that you've contributed.

We've also kept it simple on your admin dashboard, letting you change your settings without having to dig through hard to understand pages – it's all presented in an easy to understand way.

Direct contact system

Another system unique to Tempaste – direct messages! You can enable messaging from visitors delivered directly to your email inbox. We'll keep your email address private, so they'll only know it if you reply to them yourself via email.

Direct messages can be a great way for you to keep up with your visitors, as some users might mistakenly contact the host website thinking that they'll reach you. Tempaste has hidden away the support form under 'info', just to help avoid this confusion from occurring.

Happy pasting!