Why Every Writer Should Use Online Shareable Notepads

Why Every Writer Should Use Online Shareable NotepadsFor many reasons, writers scribble thoughts, perspectives, data, content and whatnots into their mobile notepads but share in bits, or worse still never share. Be it for reasons of reluctance, imposter syndrome, fear, lack of flexible online shareable notepads, the list is exhaustive. The alternate side to this is; writing is meant to be shared. Even if it’s for oneself, writing is shared to be read, heard, performed and experienced. Hence, don’t hoard it.

This article seeks to explore reasons why every writer should use online shareable notepads. Decades back, old-school and traditional notepads were used to write a note or share text. In current times, technology has allowed for shareable online notepads like Tempaste.

These shareable online notepads are usually blank notes and pastes on software, apps and websites that allow a writer to write drunk, edit sober, play with languages, garner ideas, insights and images; and provide a means to share and upload text with third parties and fans. Put succinctly, a shared online notepad nourishes the writer. Here are more ample reasons why you –as a writer – should use online shareable notepads.

Uptick Your Confidence Games

To write a note requires a cycle of sweat-and-tear-soaked brain-storming and soul searching efforts. However, writing is only half the job. Having confidence enough to share text online, with the possibilities of been heavily critiqued or loved by the court of public opinion, is another thing to come to terms with as a writer.

In the words of Erma Bombeck, “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." Rather than have imposter syndrome cripple your chances of getting feedback needed to help you hone your writing craft, use an online notepad share to upload texts you have written and get the analysis you need from others. The feedback stretches you to get better and confident about your writings. Ultimately, this could prepare you for public speaking should you become a best-selling author.

Earn More for Fewer Efforts

What better reason to use an online notepad share than earn money while doing what you do or love? It's not as much as efforts, you would agree. Being a content collector can be a lucrative business, providing sources of content to potentially millions of people and earning money while doing what you love. Want to know how? Read this.

Lead an Experiential Life. Show Your Uniqueness

As a writer, you most likely write about topics you are passionate about, an emotional struggle, a political stance, issues that scare you or something you have a strong opinion about. You can relate to reading a piece of note sometimes and resonating with the information in that note. An online notepad share feature avails you the opportunity to lead an experiential life reaching millions of people that share in your story.

Template believes as much as you should as a writer that words have the power to save lives, change perspectives, stir transformative change, and create fun.

Sharing your business, perspectives, thoughts and experience through online shareable notepads gives the world, or at least your locality, an insight into the uniqueness embedded in you. It's possible that you started writing with a plan to write for yourself only; however, think of the goodness sharing your note can bring to a reader's life. It could even serve as a source of hope to a soul.

Dear Writer, use online shareable notepads today. Don’t rob the world of the goodness that is in you. If you have privacy issues and concerns, Tempaste can help you look into that. Allowing you to share your work while having control of your privacy.

Become an Authority

One of the pseudo-benefits of the digital space is the privilege to share whatever you want, anyhow you want in whatever considerate and kind manner you deem fit. Some geniuses have utilized this to register themselves as an authority in their fields through the concept of Branding. When you write a note and consistently share text online about a particular topic through online shareable notepads, you subconsciously register yourself as an authority in that topic. This could be a tool to improve the overall efficiency of your business, social media page or personal Branding. Check this article to see how.


When you write a note and share text online about what you do, the creative juices stocked on your insides, and the unique manner you reason, you position yourself to the many opportunities that abound in your niche and the writing industry. With sharing your creativity, collaboration with like-minded writers or creative, big companies and main guns in your industry become easily attainable. This collaboration provides clarity, direction, and, more importantly, speed for your writing journey or career. Although creativity and collaboration are twin sides of a coin that could be arduous to toss, the Tempaste shared online notepad helps manage and streamline your projects seamlessly.


It’s Your Job

Writing is done primarily to communicate. Either to yourself or your readers. Writing evokes emotions, reflection, interest and actions from a reader, and the writer even. Hence, when you write, communication –which is your job

Conclusively, there are drawbacks to sharing your work. However, Template helps solves that challenge by allowing users –writers inclusive – to quickly create personalized web pages that could be anonymous, with unique features including

  • Code highlighting
  • Media embedding
  • Markdown post management; and
  • API.

The Template Account system helps you find inspiration and learn new techniques with its MS Word Style Editor; giving you exposure, new contacts and friends, and raising your self-esteem pursuing what you love – writing. Are you ready to reap the benefits embedded in sharing your creative masterpieces online Contact us to get started.